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Lower back tightness??? Try this!

Many people suffer from lower back pain and tightness around the hips because of lack of mobility by sitting in their office stations for hours at a time. Leaving these symptoms unchecked can result in knee pains, back pains, hip pains, and sciatica.

One quick and easy remedy I tried last week was a Pressure Point Ball.

Coach G had me lie on my side with my hip directly on top of the Pressure Point Ball and let me tell you, a shock went through my body when I first applied my weight on that spiky ball. At first, it was very uncomfortable and almost painful but after 1-2 minutes I got used to it. Once I got up from the ball, my lower back and hips were completely loose!

The best way I can describe this? It felt like it release a knot from my hips and will give my review once I start using this on other parts of my body.

So if you want to start relieving tension from your body parts without doing acupuncture or tension relief massage, I highly recommend trying these out.




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My name Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe and this is a collection of my experiences through blogging on balancing the life of a Fitness Expert/Nutritionist and brand new Mommy.


  1. Belinda Galvao says

    Hey Jenny ! Where can you get that ball? Just an update about training…..Last week I had a slow start getting back from vacation and all. It was tuff getting in the meals. I had no food and no time to get my food prepared and cooked…But I’m good this week. Training is good just a few questions on interval training…..what speed should I be at low???? should I be walking or a jog, on the treadmill…..should the jog speed be 5 and the running be 8.5?????????? Greek yogurt can I have the vanilla or just plain? Shrimp suggestions on how tho cook it. The water I’m having a tuff time drinking…cuz of work. But I’m getting 3ls of water a day. Thats it for now Belinda


    • Hey Belinda,

      You can find the muscle balls at 360 Conditioning or Treadmill factory. As for the speed, anything that is challenging for your fitness level. The 8 minutes out of the 16 minutes should be very intense – jogging at 5 and sprinting at 8.5-9 is great. After two weeks try an increase that a slightly so you’re always progressing. You may also increase the incline as well. Greek yogurt is plain. Shrimp you can bake with lemon and garlic or sautee in the pan with lemon and garlic. You can also substitute the shrimp with any other light fish on the plan, I just wanted to give you more options!

      Let me know if anymore questions come up 🙂


  2. Danette Bellman says

    I’ve been using the same balls for years.I love it,it’s also good when I have a headache I put it at the base of my skull and lay on it,each and every time it has relieved my headache without having to use Tylenol ,which I don’t like to use.

    • That’s awesome Danette! People often will go straight to the tylenol bottle and not even consider the causes or natural ways to relieve symptoms. Most of the time headaches are caused by tension and cut off blood supply due to muscle tension in the neck.

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