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Do you compare yourself to others?

The wonderful thing about having goals is everyone starts off on their own their very own personal journey…

But the biggest mistake people can make when starting something life changing is comparing themselves to others.

“Comparison is the thief of joy”.

This quote resonates with me because when I started to put together my own Personal and Professional goals a few years ago, Social Media was brand new and I had easier access to many people that I looked up to…

I saw all forms of success and, admittedly, there were moments when I felt overwhelmed and discouraged (because I’m human) but rather than have it keep me down I quickly learned to channel what I saw into inspiration.

We’re all in different stages of our journey and when we see pictures or videos of others at a more advanced stage, we can sometimes lose perspective of what we’re actually really trying to achieve.

And the reality check of what it really takes to achieve success.

Someone’s “after” picture doesn’t show all of the hard work, the obstacles, the challenges, and commitment they put into their journey that lead up to their “after” photos.

So it’s unfair to be disappointed in thinking, “Why haven’t I gotten there yet?”

I bring this up because I sometimes field some discouraged messages after posting our incredible Success Stories and there’s no reason for that…

It’s an opportunity to be motivated!

Each and every single one of us are at different stages on our journey and we all have different goals…

And we’re all individually blessed to be able to experience the journey to success…

So don’t ever forget…

Success isn’t “one size fits all”.

If you’re struggling with your Fitness Goals and don’t know where to start, fill out my questionnaire and let me know how I can help.

See you on the other side 🙂

Super Bowl Chili

Since I’m such a huge believer in Food Flexibility and using a variety of recipes to work with your fitness goals, there’s no way my household wasn’t going to enjoy the Super Bowl today.

No way at all.

As my baby boy takes his morning nap, I’m in the kitchen putting together an On Plan Turkey Chilli from my 100+ Guilt Free Recipe Book.

Calorie and macros clearly outlined.

And if you’re following a nutrition plan and want to substitute your (‘ahem’ bland) food use my Food Substitution Calculator to sub your protein, carbs, and fats.


All on plan.

No guilt.

And all deliciousness.

I’m so excited and can’t wait for the Big Game and Lady Gaga tearing up the Halftime Show!

And if you need any help with putting together a fitness program (that has unlimited food options), fill out my questionnaire and let me know how I can help.

And one day soon…my beloved ‘Niners will be back to back in the playoffs :S

2 Tricks To Stop Sugar And Chocolate Cravings Around “That Time Of The Month”

That time of the month can really bring on those sugar and chocolate cravings and it’s so easy to grab junky food items that just end up making us feel worse and not to mention messing with our fitness goals.

When the cravings are unbearable I have 2 little tricks

1. Increase Magnesium

Ever wonder why you crave chocolate before your period? It’s because your body is craving for magnesium. Dark chocolate (80% plus cocoa) has more magnesium than any other food. Magnesium levels fluctuate during a woman’s cycle. The higher the estrogen or progesterone, the lower the magnesium. During the second half of the menstrual cycle, when both estrogen and progesterone are elevated, magnesium plummets big time.

I usually take 400 mg of magnesium per night but around “that time of the month” I will increase the amount to 600 mg or indulge in some dark chocolate… just like the recipe below.

2. Make My Famous Chocolate-Peppermint Fudge Bites

Satisfy and help PMS cravings and symptoms with this recipe. It’s the perfect sweetness and oooey gooey chocolatiness…

…and completely guilt-free.

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • 2 1/2 cups of chocolate chips. Dark cocoa nibs (80% or above). If you want dairy-free you can go with Vegan chocolate chips
  • 1/4 canned coconut milk
  • 1/4 raw honey
  • A pinch of sea salt to taste
  • 1 tsp peppermint extract
  • 1/2 cup crushed walnuts – I have also added in 1 tbsp of Smile Cocoa Wholefood Blends in substitution for the walnuts.


  • Add chocolate chips, coconut milk, honey, sea salt, stir in a sauce pan on medium-low heat.
  • Stir continuously to avoid chocolate from burning
  • When everything is combined and melted, remove from the heat and add peppermint extra and walnuts or whole food blends
  • Let cool to room temperature. 3-5 hours.
  • Once cooled, stir forcefully unit it loses the glossiness.
  • Coat a non-stick pan with coconut oil and pour the mixture in. Cover and refrigerate for 4 hours until firm.
  • Cut into 30 pieces. For more delicious healthy recipes like this click here ->


  • 1 serving  is 80 calories
  • Protein – 1 G
  • Carbs – 9 g
  • Fat – 4 g
  • Fibre – 1 g


Try them out!

For more delicious recipe hacks download my 100 (plus) guilt-free and delicious recipes – GIVE ME THE RECIPES! 





I Wasn’t Expecting This…

My favourite fitness magazine – Inside Fitness Magazine holds a Top 100 Fitness Models issue every year called the Hot and Fit 100

For the last few years it’s an issue that I always look forward to because of all of the beautiful and fit women who are smashing their fitness and business goals.

So inspring!!!

I know most of the winners have gone on to do incredible things in the fitness industry leveraging their exposure as the cover feature and, for me personally, I’ve looked up to many of the women that regularly appeared in the Hot and Fit.

I vividly remember the inaugural Hot and Fit 100 issue featuring the gorgeous Lyzabeth Lopez (my She hero!!!) and went through the magazine admiring all of the beautiful women and their careers.

You see at the same time I was working a job that required me to travel 2 1/2 hours per day (and can’t even remember what I really did), made very little money, couldn’t afford to pay my bills (and was drowning heavily in debt), suffered deeply from anxiety and insecurity, and partying my life away…giving up on any growth in my life and all but abandoning the fitness lifestyle that I loved in my early 20s.

Going through that inaugural issue and seeing how strong and beautiful the women were in the magazine inspired me to make a few changes in my life:
It inspired me to start exercising regularly again (and never looking back), it inspired me to create a vision board for myself to prioritize what I really wanted to do in life (and draw out a plan to make it happen), it inspired me to reach out to established and successful Fitness Professionals for advice and direction, and it inspired me to go back to school and become a Registered Nutritionist…and dust off my Personal/Group Training Certifications.

And that issue also inspired me to dream.

And because I began to love fitness again…I slowly made a name for myself in the fitness industry, slowly began to apply my knowledge of helping other women with their health and fitness goals, slowly was able to stand on my 2 feet financially and independently, and slowly build a small business that was all mine.

SLOWLY being the key word here because nothing come over night!

7 years later, after growing a business dedicated to helping women transform their bodies and their lifestyle (much like the way I did for myself), I was selected as this year’s Hot and Fit 100 Winner.

I wouldn’t wish my previous life struggles and personal insecurities on anyone but am so grateful that, 7 years ago, there was something that got me off my butt and to move forward with my life.

Yup…it was that magazine.

While I never aspired to be on the cover (because that would be crazy right???), that magazine offered a collection of strong and beautiful goal smashers that prompted me to change and give me the shake I needed to stop being a degenerate. LOL!

It sounds cliche but being selected the Hot and Fit Winner is really a dream come true (surreal actually since it still hasn’t sunk into me) and, this year, I hope the work I do with my clients and the content I post on this page inspires others to dream bigger too.

Because that’s what life is really all about, isn’t it?

Go getting and then Go Giving? At least for me it is.

For anyone that has ever worked with me or supported me (especially on this page since it is the hub of my Social Media platforms), I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Because so many people were instrumental on my journey, I will always have your back and be available for questions/advice on business branding within the Fitness Industry (doing my best to share my experiences).

The magazine is now on newsstands or if you want a digital copy sick here –>

Love you all and forever grateful…
– Jenny

Done For You New Year’s Resultions

We tend to overthink New Year’s Resolutions. To me, I feel we should always be improving ourselves despite the New Year.

But I get it, we like the feeling of a “Fresh Start”.

So here are my Done For You New Year’s Resolutions.

Print these out and put it up somewhere you can see them…daily!

Oh yeah….be sure to check out my crazy deals and some (FREE) nutrition kick starts and workout plans…click on the links below.

1. Make Time For Yourself

Setting a goal is one thing but if you don’t have the time to see the goal through you’ll end up feeling defeated. Look at your schedule, plan and pencil your time in. You may have to cut things out or even wake up a little earlier…make it happen!

2. Be Realistic

If your goal is to workout on a regular basis don’t state you’re going to workout every day. Set a realistic and achievable goal for you. Maybe it’s 3 days a week or 2 days at the gym and 1-2 days at home. If you’re a newbie and need a plan or you have no idea where to start check out my 28 Day Workout Challenge on sale now for only $10.00, click here to get it —->

3. Eat To Fuel Your Body

Get rid of the garbage foods that make you feel like crap anyway. You know it already. Cut them out and fuel your body with the right nutrients, like mood boosting foods with omega-3’s, antioxidants and fibre. Try adding Smile Wholefood Blends to your smoothies, fruit, oatmeal or yogurt for an extra nutritional punch. If you need a plan to follow, I’ve mapped it all out for you. You just have to read it and eat it –>

4. Drink More Water

People in general just don’t drink enough H2O. There are endless benefits to drinking more water and here’s just a few, improved mood, weight loss, better digestion and elimination, better skin, fewer headaches, more energy, and a more rested sleep. Read more here –>

5. Help Someone

Nothing will make you feel happier then to help someone with their goals. Does your husband want to improve his health too? Offer to help him with his schedule so he can get to the gym. Does your friend want to lose weight? Offer to go to the gym with her and motivate each other. Try my 5 Day reset together as team –>

**And if you are really up for a challenge, check out my 12 Week Group Coaching Program Click here ->

Please know…you are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.

Happy New Year Friends!


The Top 5 Not So Obvious Foods That Are Making You Bloated

Feeling gassy, bloated and just down right uncomfortable? 

I’m sure there was one point over the holidays you’ve wanted to change into your pyjamas to avoid the bulging bloated feeling in your clothing.

I’m the first to admit that this was me after a big turkey dinner, some red wine and the platter of different desserts I taste-tested 😉  Oh boy was my tummy swollen!

But it’s easy to chalk up your bloated feeling to overeating…and yes, that is a factor but what happens when this awful bloated feeling doesn’t go away and creeps up on you even when you’re eating healthy and balanced meals?

We need to find out what is causing this so we can fit back into our pants!

Pay attention to these not so obvious foods the could be causing your bloating.

1. Yogurt

It’s played up for for its good-for your belly probiotics, but certain types of yogurt could actually be doing you more harm than good. That’s because dairy products contain varying levels of the sugar molecule lactose, which gets fermented in your body and creates gas bubbles and bloating. But that doesn’t mean all yogurts are off the table. Plain Greek yogurt is a good bet because of it’s lower sugar count, sitting at 12 grams of sugar and it also has plenty of protein. Nonfat and low-fat yogurts, on the other hand, may contain close to 30 grams of sugar, making them a much gassier choice.

2. Protein Powder

Read the ingredient of your protein powders and if they have any of the following fake sugars) they could be causing your bloated tummy. Specifically, Sorbitol and xylitol, they absorb very slowly in the small intestine. As a result, these sugar alcohols can cause gas, bloating, cramping, and sometimes diarrhea. Look for a protein powder with no fake sugars and only all natural ingredients.

3. Gum

Sorbitol and xylitol sweetness are also found in gum but not only that, when you chew gum you swallow air and the air causes gas bubbles in your intestines causing bloating. If your conscious about bad breath try an all natural breath mint instead.

4. Bread

Most breads contain wheat or rye and for those with gluten intolerance, eating these grains (and others) causes an immune reaction, destroying the lining of the small intestines. This then leads to gas, bloating, diarrhea, and/or constipation. But even if you don’t have a gluten intolerance, the insoluble fiber can still be fermented by bacteria, leading to an abundance of uncomfortable gas. If you can’t live without your bread opt for gluten-free spouted options available at health food stores.

5. Carbonated Drinks – Pop & Sparkling Water

I love a glass of cold bubbly perrier but I’ve had to stop due to the major belly bloat!  Carbonated bubbles in sparkling water or pops get trapped in your stomach and cause it to swell like a balloon. If you really want it save it for occasions that you don’t need to wear anything tight lol! Choose flat spring water with some lemon or lime instead 🙂

Eliminating these foods/drinks will give you a good jump start on getting rid of your belly bloat but if you really want to gain a slim, fit and feminine waist back then get a jump start and download my 5 Day Reset Diet, this a full meal plan and my secret anti-bloat formula. Click here to get your FREE Anti-Bloat Guide -> 

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s to a Bloat-Free 2017 🙂

5 Fitness Tips For The Holidays

With the holidays upon us there are countless goodies of food, drink, parties, and events.

In fact many fitness enthusiasts even dread this time of year because of all the delicious temptations that might throw them off plan from their goal of sculpted abs or a leaner mid-section.

Say what???

In fact the later part of the year includes Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years – talk about a landmine of extra calories!

The truth of the matter is you’re not going to be very successful with your goals if you try to avoid everything…and it’s going to be a very miserable Holiday Season.

So rather than avoid all of your friends and loved ones, here are some tips to manage those unwanted pounds.

i) Water

Drink your water. I had to repeat this again.

Personally I take in 3-4 L water daily and always recommend my clients to do the same because not only does it provide hydration, aids in controlling cortisol levels (the stress hormone that causes weight gain), delivers nutrients and oxygen throughout the body; it can also help keep us lean.

For the Holidays, drinking ample amounts of water also helps combat cravings because studies show many people think they’re hungry when, in fact, they’re thirsty.

Keep you water intake up. And, no, vodka doesn’t count.

ii) Eat your Carbs

Really??? Yes really – eat your carbs.

If you’re thinking of skipping your carbs during the holidays (or ever), don’t.

Carbs are not the enemy. Never have been. Never will be. Carbs will not make you fat (please refer to all of my posts on behaviours if you need a refresher).

At the end of the day total calories consumed for the day is what either keeps us at maintenance, surplus, or a deficit but this post really isn’t dedicated to that right now.

Carbohydrates are so essential for fat loss, performance, and (without carbs) will only set your fitness goals back…even in December.

Most people love fast absorbing carbs (High GI…you know…the tasty kind) and the best time to have this is right after your workout (PWO anyone?) which is when I like to have them especially after a great sweat sesh.

So eat up.

iii) Have A Plan

If you’re serious about your fitness goals have a plan…for being off plan.

No we’re likely not going to be spot on with our macros or calories but we don’t need to be because the holidays is a time for love, laugh, and memories.

Manage the meals you can and control the portions of the meals you can’t.

Then get right back on track when the holidays is over.

So that means even if you had some extra chocolate, enjoy every bite and move on.

And don’t forget to use my Food Substitution Calculator if you need help portioning your foods!

I also have a 5 Day Reset in case you really overdid it too.

iv) Workout

Before I owned my Fitness Studio, I used to get some of the most ferocious workouts in during the month of November and December…simply because the gym was nice and empty.

Don’t be that person waiting around for “January 1” when the gyms are overloaded with people starting their New Years Resolutions.

Get started on your workouts now…and stay consistent by truly embracing fitness (which is really anti-aging) into your life.

v) Make Memories

Get out there and let your most cherished loved ones know how you feel.

If you’re away from your friends and loved ones, I know there are a lot of people out there who don’t have the same opportunities that most of us have and by donating a little bit of our time we can really change a person or families life.

Hopefully these Fit Tips continue to keep you in shape during the holidays and if you have any other helpful tips for the holiday season, please comment below so I can share them.

Happy Holidays!

5 Effective Ways To Get What You Want Now

We all have fear of the unknown.

Afraid if we make a change what will happen or fear of what people may think.

It’s completely normal but if we allow our fear to take over and prevent us from doing what we desire, we end up living a life of “What ifs?”

If you want to start your own business, lose some weight, or if you ponder traveling the world one day, those aren’t just far fetched dreams, they become apart of who you are and in order to be a happy and fulfilled person you need to see them through!

I was once a fearful person who always cared about what people thought of me and I was scared to make changes in my life.

I kept putting my dreams off and instead would go to clubs on the weekend to party  and drink my face off.

I would be hungover for a couple days and completely demotivated until mid-week.

I would get my energy back by Wednesday and have 2 “good days” of trying to make my ideas happen but then Friday rolled around and I would do the entire ‘party circuit’ all over again.

Like groundhog day, this was a repeat pattern that was getting me nowhere fast.

One morning I woke up very ill (from the night before). I was throwing up and could hardly get out of bed. I had to call my family to let them know I couldn’t make it to my Mom’s birthday (ugh! I felt awful about that).

To make matters worse I  didn’t have a cent to my name.  I had numerous expensive club dresses and shoes and literally had ZERO dollars.

How embarrassing!!

It was at that moment that I decided enough is enough and I was going to commit to make a change.

I know now why I was doing all the partying. I was afraid of living my dream and being a better person because I was fearful of change and the possible outcome of failure.

Whether you want to lose weight, stop a vice, or make a career change…

…it’s really all the same approach.

I began to plan for what I really wanted from my life.

I faced my fears and I surrounded myself with people that could help me.

These 5 steps is the exact process I followed to help build my business within 6 months of starting, it helped  me become a stronger and healthier person (inside and out) and most importantly has lead me to help thousands of women across the world become happy, healthy and fit.

5 Effective Ways To Get What You Want Out Out Of Your Life

1. Write Down What You Want And Be Specific

Don’t over think it just write down what you think about on a regular bases. Do you think about living somewhere warm with palm treas and the ocean breeze? Do you think about running your own fitness business? Do you think about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? Do you think about losing weight and feeling energized like you used to? Write it down in a journal…exactly how it plays in your head.

2. Create A “Task List”

One little step you accomplish each day. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant list, write down one little task the night before to complete the next day. For example, if you want to start your own business you would want to start off with what type of person do you want to help or what need will you fulfill i.e. I want to own my own business helping prenatal women lose their baby weight.” The next task may be – how will you help them? Complete one step at a time.

3. Create A List Of Objections

Play the devils advocate. Write down the reasons that could come in between you and your goal. Then write down a solution for each objection. For example; A Mom of 3 wants to lose 30 pounds”. Objection – “I don’t have any spare time between my job and balancing my kids schedules”. Solution – “I will find a program that is time efficient and I can do AT HOME  to get started on my weight loss journey.” (28 Day Home Workout Challenge)  or “I will share my weight loss goal with my husband and parents to see if they are willing to help out with the kids.”

4. Give Yourself A Timeline/Deadline

Don’t be too aggressive but be definitive. If you want to run your own business give yourself a realistic timeline/deadline. Write it on the calendar big in red or have a countdown on your phone so you are always reminded of that date. Your day-to-day “Task List” will get you there 😉

5. Surround Yourself With Like Minded People

Hang around people that are already successful and have big dreams. When you associate with people that inspire you, you will be more likely to reach your own goals and aspirations. This also means you may have to keep a distance with people that could be holding you back or have a negative opinion of what you set out to do”A Lion-ness doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep”.

Anyway I hope this gives you the nudge you may need to move forward.

Remember, whatever it is that you want out of your life, believe in your power and make it happen.

And if you’re still struggling with your Fitness Goals and are looking for more guidance or direction, fill out my questionnaire and let me know how I can help.

See you on the other side 🙂

~ Coach JVB

My Top 8 Holiday Gifts For That Fitness Enthusiast On Your List

It is that time of year again. Tis the shopping season or shall I say Confusion Season!?

So many of us subject ourself to mindless shopping in hopes to find the right gifts but we end up heading home from the chaotic mall with a generic gift card…am I right?

Well if you have a”Fitness Enthusiast” on your list, I’m here to help but I’ll say sorry in advanced to all the other people you have no idea what to buy for :/

My Top 8 Holiday Fitness Gifts That I Recommend

  1. Fitness Magazine Subscription. We all like to get inspired and motivated and nothing does that better than a good Ol’ fitness magazine, give your loved one a subscription to the #1 Selling magazine in Canada,  Inside Fitness Women 
  2. Smile Wholefood Blends – All-In-One Organic blends of chia seeds, flaxseeds, hemp hearts offering different flavours like goji berries, cranberries, coconut and cocoa. Just 1 tablespoon will add  a tasty and nutritional punch to any of your snacks while saving shelf space. A great little stocking stuffer!
  3. Booty Bands – We all want our A$$’s high and round, am I right? These are a must to activate those glute muscles and build fuller, leaner and stronger booties.  Purchase all strength resistance HERE **You can also link them to a specific program incorporating these essential booty bands, my 28 Day Workout Challenge 
  4. The Kettlebell – If you follow me, you know why I love the kettlebell. It’s a tough resistance workout without stepping foot into a gym. Perfect for busy Moms! Buy directly online HERE – I recommend a 10 pound for beginners and anywhere from 15-25 lbs for the regular gym goer.
  5. KiiNatural Crips – These are sooooo yummy and great for a stocking filler. They are all organic, non GMO and the modern day cracker. I personally love them as a post workout with my protein shake on the side. I have 12-15 crips to meet my daily macro PWO and they feel like a yummy treat even while watching what you’re eating.
  6. Under Armour Sport Bra and Undies – As a Mom who nursed for 15 months these Under Armour Sports Bras are the best. They offer full support and shape…a must have for any “Mama Gym Goer” Check them out HERE! The underwear is also the bomb! They offer seamless comfort and wick sweat, here you go
  7. The book My Heart, My Self – As a mom and entrepreneur  who alway is on the go and wants to perfect every aspect in my life, this book spoke volumes to me. We need to be okay with slowing down, listening to our bodies (even if we are physically fit) and also learn how to take the “me-time” we need. I recommend this book to EVERY Mom. Click HERE to purchase
  8. Strong Girl Tank – There is nothing more empowering than labelling yourself as a “Strong Girl” we are strong, dedicated and powerful women who believe in putting ourselves first so everyone in our lives can benefit. Give the gift of empowerment with a Strong Girls Tank –>

I hope I made your life a little easier. HAPPY HOLIDAYS Fit Friends 🙂



How T0 Battle The Mama Blues

3 months postpartum vs 20 months postpartum.

There are definitely some physical changes here – when you enter the 2nd year after having a baby your body responds way better and can tighten back up to pre-pregnancy condition.

This is all wonderful but the reason why I’m writing this blog is to share my personal mindset transformation in hopes to help other new moms.

Three months postpartum for me was a mixture of emotions. I was so overjoyed to have my little guy, love was just exploding for him. At this very same time I felt extremely overwhelmed. I was constantly questioning myself…”Was I doing thing right?”, “Is he okay?”, “Am I going back to work too early?” and the list goes on…

I was also so scared to take my foot off the gas pedal with my business in fear of losing everything I have worked so hard for.

I found myself in a place of constant mood swings and just trying to grasp my new normal. It was F’n hard!!! I would put a smile on my face and try to get as much done as possible to feel like I was accomplishing something but there was a feeling of emptiness and maybe even loneliness.

As new moms we don’t like to talk about this…we are supposed to be overjoyed, right? Well we are but we are also emotionally drained and overwhelmed.

So I’m here to tell you that it’s A-OK to feel this way and have mixed emotions. It’s also okay to talk about it.

I can look back now and realize why I went through that…it makes a little more sense now.

We all go through our ups and downs but it’s how we face and get through our downs.

For me personally it was about acceptance. Accepting that I am now a mom and things just have to be different but that doesn’t mean it has to be bad. I also accepted it was okay to ask for some help.

Another huge help was writing down my priorities on a pice of paper. As simple as this sounds this process was extremely helpful. It allowed me to say “no” to things and make choices to help me be authentic to what is most important to me.

So many new moms go through these challenges and I can’t stress enough that you are not alone.

In my opinion the Mama Blues are a symptom that is serious but it also can be controlled through some mindset and organization work. A simple exercise like listing your priorities may help.

Here is an example of my list of priorities:

  1. Me (my happiness, fitness, health and mindset) – If you don’t put yourself first ALL your priorities suffer. It’s okay to put yourself first Mamas!
  2. Jackson and my husband
  3. My Business – To me this is a VERY close 2nd. Without my business I could not provide the life I do for my son.
  4. Extended Family
  5. My Pets
  6. Social time with friends and family

If anything is presented to me that does add any value to my priorities I don’t do it. It’s really that simple. Even smaller tasks like housework can take a back seat. I know it needs done but if anything suffers on my list of priorities it’s just not that important.

I have also learned to say no to events, gathering including some family gatherings and even birthday parties. If you say yes to all these things you will be spread VERY thin and your priorities may suffer and you will continue feeling overwhelmed and helpless.

Don’t feel bad, feel empowered that you are making a decision for you.

I challenge you to try this and please share with me how it goes 🙂